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Recognizing and Managing Pain

Pain can be acute or chronic, but either way it’s quick to distract and can be quite uncomfortable. People find that when pain comes around they can lose their ability to remain focused, and if the pain is debilitating enough it can lead to the person not getting anything accomplished for the day.

How exactly is someone supposed to handle that kind of pain? Pain is the body’s way of ¬†letting the person know that something is wrong. At times it can be easy to want to only take doctor prescribed medications to help get through the day with the body’s pain signals, but what if you could do something else?

Physical pain is caused by signals from a person’s nervous system to their brain to resolve a body not as ease. Whether it’s internal or external pain, the body has a wonderful alarm system to protect itself. This wonderful system is designed beautifully, but very much is connected with the emotional body as well.

Treatment Process

Pain is the body's signal

As a therapist certified in EMDR, it’s best to figure out if the pain is something relating to muscle memory and if the client can finish allowing the brain to finish processing the information to ease the pain. Bodies have a wonderful way of self-healing and with the right guidance can truly help individuals to explore deeper into what’s the underlying issue instead of just symptom management.

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